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Surftech Hawaii
945 Queen St
Honolulu, HI

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Want to go fast? …but hate traveling with a huge board?

Avoid the hassle with Surftech’s Rent-to-Race program. Call Surftech Hawaii or email Dewey for info on available boards and dates.


In Hawaii for the 4th of July?

Get wet on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu for the 36th Annual Da Hui Paddle Race!
For all of your board rental needs, check in with the crew at Surftech Hawaii.

36th Annual Da Hui Paddle Race Hawaii

Channel Islands
New Flyer

Rusty Dozer

Simon Anderson
Early Bird

Xanadu Swift

Xanadu Octisquid

New Flyer 5’6″ | 5’8″ | 5’10″
| 6’2″ | 6’4″
Rusty Dozer 5’8″ | 5’10″ | 6’0″ | 6’2″ Early Bird 5’9″ | 6’0″ | 6’4″ Xanadu Swift 5’8″ | 5’10″ | 6’0″ Xanadu Octisquid 5’5″ | 5’7″
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