Research and development is a continuous process and Surftech is constantly pushing the envelope to create the very best high-performance surfboards available. The Product Development team at Surftech is committed to continuing this time-honored tradition of challenging the norm and striving to forge new technologies that will keep pace with the progression of surfing, stand up paddling and paddleboarding.

Surftech's Technologies

AST - A lighter and stronger construction that focuses structural reinforcement where it’s needed most. Whether you are at the beach or at the lake, your board built in AST will provide countless hours of enjoyment.

Bamboo - Combining the latest low-ecological-impact composite materials with one of nature’s most renewable and resilient structures, natural bamboo, we are able to bring you boards that are as durable as they are beautiful.

Blacktip - The safest and least intimidating series of introductory boards, Blacktips are specifically designed, easy to use templates built with a durable soft EVA deck and slick soft bottom that encases a rigid core. The result is a range of boards with a soft, safe surface that will help new surfers and paddlers quickly progress.

Coretech - Enjoy some of our most popular shapes built in this durable and affordable technology which boasts both layers of fiberglass and wood reinforcement for a long lifespan.

HDE - Utilizing our proprietary HD-Epoxy, this incredibly light and durable construction is the go to build for your favorite everyday board.

PowerFlex - Boards built in Powerflex technology take advantage of dual-density foam cores, and yield a unique flex pattern unlike a standard EPS surfboard, providing countless sessions while maintaining a crisp feel.

Pro-Elite - Built for speed. The most competitive racers require the fastest, lightest boards and Pro-Elite technology offers an ultra-light construction that enables you to achieve your greatest potential.

Softops - Softops offer an entry to intermediate level board to the safety conscious market without compromising quality, durability or performance. A soft deck surface wrapping the rails conceals a professionally designed and carefully crafted board that performs exceptionally due to a smooth hard bottom.

TekEFX - Incredible value at an attractive price. Showcasing their tough, reinforced natural bamboo layer and hi-quality graphics over a super-lightweight core, TEKefx boards appeal to the water enthusiast who loves enjoying the comfort of a knowing you have a durable board, but also appreciates style on the water.

TLPC - Every shape is unique, and the construction should be too. This is even more important for high performance shortboards, which is why we are only building select high performance models in TLPC construction.

Tuflite - Developed as an extremely strong, lighter weight board with a medium flex, the Tuflite composites are exact replicas of original hand shapes and are the most durable board in the water with very little deck denting or pressure dings.

Ultraflex - ULTRAFLX grew out of a desire to create a “flex-match” that closely mirrored the performance characteristics of a standard polyester board. ULTRAFLX provides a softer feel with durability that outlasts polyester boards – and delivers it all at a super affordable pricepoint.

Wood - Surftech’s first technology introduced more than 17 years ago is a durable, more environmentally friendly board with a rigid flex pattern and a beautiful wood grain finish.