Quantum Carbon


The BARK Phantom. Exceed your expectations.

Slicing through calm morning glass. Long weekend training rides with the crew. All-out sprints to the finish line. Phantom riders absolutely live for this stuff.

Since these paddlers are focused on performance, and driven by speed and the thrill of competition, these serious racers won’t settle for anything less, whatever it takes to cross the finish line first.

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The BARK Phantom in Quantum Carbon Construction by Surftech is stable, confident and forgiving on stretches of rough water, yet fast; accelerating and maintaining speed well and making the most of every paddle stroke. Phantom riders paddle hard and fast, relishing every minute they can keep the competition in their wake. These athletes spend hours on their boards, often in the brutal heat or chilling cold and wind, turning out every ounce of energy they can muster on their way to a new level of fitness, ability, and endurance in pursuit of a championship trophy, and personal best.

That is why they demand complete performance: the Phantom’s combination of stiffness, liveliness and light weight with a hydrodynamic hull designed by Joe Bark – the most copied designer in race board history.
Only Joe Bark could design the Phantom Series. Only Surftech could offer Quantum Carbon technology and construction.

- Quantum Carbon construction only available for the BARK Phantom.

How is it built?
Joe Bark didn’t just entrust us with one of his current race-winning shapes and ask Surftech to build it in Quantum Carbon, the most advanced hollow carbon construction available, he specifically designed the Phantom Series to take advantage of the performance characteristics of this innovative product. Meticulous attention was paid to each edge, every curve and transition to maximize speed, glide and paddling efficiency. Any extraneous feature was discarded in the name of pure performance.

The Phantom series is the culmination of Joe’s dozens of years of board testing and development, built in partnership with Surftech to create ultimate race design in the ultimate construction.

How durable is Surftech Quantum Carbon? Can you shoot it with a shotgun?
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