Surftech Introduces Robert August Performance Softops

Introducing the ALL-NEW Softop® Custom-Performance Series of boards designed by Robert August and coupled with Surftech's legendary Softop construction. The Softop-CP line utilizes a Micro-Veneer, EPS / Epoxy construction, and is topped with durable thermal-formed EVA deck pad. The result is a durable and forgiving board with the performance aspect you are looking for. To make sure you get the best of the performance aspect of these boards, we coupled our technology with timeless shapes from Robert August. 

What Robert August Models are offered in Performance Softop Technology?


What I Ride

It makes sense to ride a board that maximizes your fun regardless of the conditions. The "What I Ride" utilizes a 60/40 rail configuration which, in combination with a nifty tear drop concave conveniently placed under the 18" wide nose, greatly enhances your style of nose riding. 


The Seed

This board gives you a stylish opportunity to get in the water and have fun in any conditions. No more excuses on sub-par conditions. Grab this board and glide, slide, and enjoy the ride! Guaranteed to up your wave counts! 


What Is Performance Softop Technology?


Dec 4, 2018