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Surftech, the Original Board Manufacturing Company, signs Windsurfing Japan as exclusive distributor in Japan  
Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) January 24, 2015
Surftech, the Original Board Manufacturing Company, announced today that it will be joining forces with Windsurfing Japan, one of Japan’s most respected watersports product distributors, to be the exclusive representative for Surftech in Japan.
The new partnership is a part of the continuing global restructuring of Surftech, which began last year and has repositioned the brand as a leader in the Surfboard, Stand Up Paddleboard and Paddleboard action sports market. The new partnership will give Windsurfing Japan the exclusive rights to distribute and sell the entire lineup of Surf, Paddleboard and Stand Up Paddle product for Surftech in Japan.
“We are very honored to have a new partner like Windsurfing Japan to work with us in Japan.” Chris Dunn CEO of Surftech “Japan is a very important market for us and we look forward to a great future with Windsurfing Japan.”
Surftech, was founded over 25 years ago in Santa Cruz CA, and is regarded as the leader in the development and application of high performance composite technology in the surfing industry. This year has seen an influx of new products and technologies including TLPC (Tuflite Pro Carbon), Hyper-Drive Epoxy and Powerflex dual density foam. This high-quality proprietary construction technique has led to partnerships with top tier Surfing, SUP and Paddleboard brands including BARK, Channel Islands, Rusty, Simon Anderson, Robert August, McTavish and Mickey Munoz.
The new partnership with Windsurfing Japan will be kicked off at this year’s InterStyle Tradeshow in Yokohama Japan, Feb 17-Feb 19, 2015 where a large sampling of the new boards will be on display.


Carlsbad, CA – January 05, 2015
Surf Technicians, LLC (“Surftech”), the original and leading board manufacturing company, announced today that Triple D Corporation Company Limited, has acquired the company. Triple D is a Thailand based investment company, that holds interests in various companies including a composites parts manufacturer. The acquisition brings the Surftech brand under a single ownership and provides the company unparalleled financial support.
The sale is another chapter in what has been a very exciting time for Surftech, including welcoming a new CEO in early 2014, opening a Southern California office and hiring key management team members. This is the beginning of a strategic growth plan for Surftech that has seen the successful launch of a re-energized 2015 SUP lineup as well as the launch of the new Tuflite Pro Carbon “TLPC” surfboard technology that will be complemented with a new range of “Surftech” branded surfboards. Surftech plans to open its first hybrid retail concept store in Santa Cruz, California sometime in the first half of 2015.
“Today’s announcement is a great thing for not only the Surftech family, but for all our partners, and customers” said Chris Dunn, CEO of Surftech “Being able to work closely with a partner who is dedicated to our success and who is very knowledgeable in the world of distribution and composites gives us the resources to continue to build on the momentum of the last 12 months.”


Carlsbad, CA – January 05, 2015
Surftech, the original board manufacturing company, announced today its new lineup of shapers and brands for its 2015 Surf Collection that will be premiering this week at Surf Expo, January 8-10 in Orlando, FL.
The new lineup will feature boards designed by some of the world’s best craftsman and shapers, along with Surftech’s new in-house lineup of boards. In addition to the new boards, a number of new technologies are being introduced, furthering their premium product line for surfers, paddlers and waterman around the world.
The shift in focus is a reflection of the new leadership in the company and the new additions to the management team that took place in 2014. The company has made a conscious decision to aggressively pair down the overall number of brands they were going to work with, choosing to introduce their new technologies with only a select shapers and brands. The decision frees up resources to focus on the expansion of new models with our current shapers as well as creating new partnerships with new and relevant brands in the marketplace.
“Last year we started the process of reviewing our entire lineup, taking a long look at the types of boards and the board builders we were working with, in some cases going back more than 10 years”, said Chris Dunn, CEO. “We did all of that to identify categories and brand partners that fit with the Surftech brand and create a portfolio of premium brands moving into the future.”
2015 Surf lineup will see the introduction of the new Hyper-Drive Epoxy (HDE) construction to compliment an expansion of the extremely popular and proven TL Pro Carbon (TLPC) construction. The new TLPC construction is the flag ship product in Surftech’s 2015 surf line, using proprietary fused cell foam and combining strategically placed carbon fiber patches and epoxy resin to create a board that has dynamic flex, memory, is light weight and extremely durable.
The 2015 Surf lineup includes new board models from Channel Islands, Rusty Surfboards, Robert August and Mickey Munoz’s, who will be re-releasing his famed Ultraglide line as well as reintroducing legendary shaper and designer Bob McTavish, who will unveil three new Surftech models at Surf Expo. In addition there will be several new shaper and brands added to the Surftech family that will be introduced throughout 2015.
Surftech will be introducing its new in-house lineup of surfboards, internally referred to as the “EMQ”, or Every Man’s Quiver, in two new proprietary construction techniques, HDE and PowerFlex. The new boards, designed by Surftech’s in-house shaping team and tested by surfers around the world, offer a high performance alternative price point solution for surf shops and surfers everywhere.
“We are really excited about our new 2015 Surf lineup,” said Sammy Nigh, Head of Global Sales. “The new lineup and technologies really showcase our product development and production capabilities while bringing some great new boards to our customers worldwide.”
Surftech will be at booth 651 at SurfExpo this January 8-10 in Orlando, FL. In addition to the new Surf Collection, Surftech will have a complete lineup BARK Stand Up Paddleboards and Prone Paddleboards, including the world record 12’ production Commander that set the world record at Molokai2Oahu World Championships of Paddleboarding in 2014. Joe Bark will be on hand for the show to talk about design and what’s ahead for 2015.


With all eyes fixed on the action at the 2014 Battle of the Paddle at Salt Creek in Dana Point, California this weekend spectators will notice a new paddlecraft at start line on Saturday. With a solid south swell in the forecast for the 7th Annual Battle of the Paddle, prone paddlers for the first time will charge the pounding shorebreak at Salt Creek along with their stand up counterparts. If it wasn’t evident that prone paddleboarding’s popularity is on the rise, it is now!
“We added prone paddling because it’s a natural to the Battle of the Paddle,” commented Barrett Tester, Battle of the Paddle race director. “We have seen the growth of the sport the past several years and know that many athletes enjoy both sports.”
Indeed it looks like many of stand up paddling’s most notable athletes will be leaving their paddles on the beach and racing alongside some of the world’s top prone athletes this weekend. Jay Wild, Morgan Hoesterey, Alison Riddle and a number of other big name SUP athletes (some of which will surprise you!) will be racing their Surftech 12′ Bark Commander paddleboards. “The Prone Paddleboard Race is destined to become a world class event as the course is the same as the Elite Race (SUP) and racers will be required to do the run transitions in between laps,” added Tester.
Prone or “traditional paddling” has been around since the early 1930′s when Southern California lifeguards were racing and training on primitive wooden paddleboards. Fast forward 80 years and traditional paddling will now be in the spotlight and raced by the world’s top athletes this weekend at the 7th Annual Battle of the Paddle, otherwise known as the “Super Bowl of SUP”.
Surftech 12′ Bark Commander Makes History
When Carter Graves captured her second straight Catalina Classic stock class victory and Lockwood Holmes achieved his first Catalina Classic stock victory in August, the two wins cemented the Surftech 12′ Bark Commander’s place in paddleboard history. Both athletes beat the previous Stock Class record by 10 minutes and Carter’s Catalina Classic win earned her the prestigious “Single-Double”, winning both the Molokai-2-Oahu Paddleboard World Championships and the Catalina Classic in the same season. No woman had ever won both races in the same year.
“Crossing the Kai’wi Channel was an experience that I will never forget as I was forced to adapt to a completely new environment, having done nearly all my training in the flat waters of Southern California,” commented Graves. “Winning Molokai was even more mind-blowing to me as I had to rely on my miles and miles of training and a calmness in these crazy and unknown waters. Although some people think paddling 32 miles in flat water is harder, I was right in my element in the Catalina Classic and knew what I was in for. I would say Molokai took more mental and psychological strength where the Classic took all the physical strength I had left. Being able to achieve the ‘single-double’ is truly a dream come true and I have so many people to thank as it was a team effort in so many regards.”
The Commander’s record breaking run began at the Molokai-2-Oahu Paddleboard World Championships back in July where Jack Bark broke the previous stock class record by more than 14 minutes!
Molokai-2-Oahu Paddleboard World Championships – Jack Bark 5:12:35
Catalina Classic – Lockwood Holmes 5:45:59
Catalina Classic – Carter Graves 6:08:05
“The Commander led me to my two big titles and the amazing thing is these races had completely different conditions,” admitted Graves. “It worked incredibly well in the bumps and downwind conditions in Molokai and proved to be no different in the flat and glassy waters of Catalina! Surftech is recreating the way we look at prone paddling and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the sport. The opportunity to work with legendary shaper and paddler Joe Bark has been golden with the creation of the Commander and I am so honored to be able to race this board!”
The collaboration between Bark and Surftech began years ago bringing together innovative designs and state of the art construction technology to create superior Paddleboards and Stand Up Paddleboards. The 2015 Bark Surftech line includes high performance race, downwind, touring, paddleboards and many other new boards. Check them out your local Surftech dealer in early Spring!!


Santa Cruz, CA – August 04, 2014
Surftech will be releasing its 2015 paddleboard lineup, including new recreational, touring, and racing paddleboards, and stand up paddleboards at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City this August. Founded in 1989, Surftech has been at the forefront of product innovation in the surf, stand up paddleboard, and paddleboard industry for the last 25 years.
“We are excited to introduce a number of new technologies, products, and programs to the industry,” said Chris Dunn, Surftech CEO. “We have been hard at work to bring some truly innovative products and programs to meet the needs of the increasingly dynamic stand up paddling and paddleboard communities. The new line will be unveiled at Outdoor Retailer this August.”
The most anticipated releases of 2015 is the expansion of the industry-dominating Bark Paddleboard line. The new line has a number of race, downwind, and excursion designs for stand up paddling, and the addition of a 14’ “Commander” to the hugely successful traditional Paddleboard lineup. The 12’ Commander is the same board that, out of the box, was paddled by both the men’s and women’s winners at the 2014 Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboarding World Championships this year. The new lineup will feature the proven “pro-elite” carbon technology and will introduce of Surftech’s AST technology into the lineup to offer entry level solutions to the retail environment.
The new 2015 board lineup also includes a number of new touring and recreational boards and constructions. “The 2015 board lineup in all categories is going to turn a lot of heads at Outdoor Retailer this year,” said Sammy Nigh, Vice President of Global Sales. “The product and technologies we are launching this year, along with the new programs we are putting in place for retailers, make Surftech the brand to build with.”
On the technology front, Surftech is releasing several new advancements in board construction. The new board lineup is focused on the inclusion of carbon fiber, exotic composite cores, and new lamination processes, making for the best performing equipment on the market.
Surftech will be at the Open Air Demo on August 5th and will be at booth 34077 at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Expo August 6th thru August 9th.


Surftech team members Jack Bark and Carter Graves take the men’s and women’s stock paddleboard world championships
Honolulu, HI – July 30, 2014
Surftech athletes Jack Bark and Carter Graves won the prestigious Molokai 2 Oahu paddleboard World Championships this past weekend in Hawaii in commanding fashion shattering world records. Bark, Graves and 3rd place finisher Zeb Walsh were all on stock Surftech Bark Commanders. The event was the 18th running of the race and athletes this year were treated to 6-10 foot seas and a prevailing easterly wind making the course extremely challenging as well as very fast.
The win was the second world championship for Bark who was battling teammate Walsh throughout the grueling race. In the end, Bark shattered the existing world record by over 20 minutes with a time of 5:12, a record that had stood for over 10 years. The pack was extremely tight for the first 24 miles of the race and then began to spread as the group neared Oahu.
For Graves the victory was exceptionally sweet since this was her very first crossing of the Ka’iwi channel. The 22-year-old lifeguard from Coronado, California who was overwhelmed by emotion as she crossed the finish line in 6:14, was showered in champagne by teammates Bark and Walsh on the beach. This is Graves’ first world championship.
With so many records being broken, equipment was the talk of the day especially with the large number of Surftech Bark Paddleboards on the water and the overwhelming performance of all the athletes who were racing them. Both winners as well as over 50% of the field were competing on the new Surftech Bark Commander, the first time the sport has seen a single brand and design dominate the sport. The boards were designed by Joe Bark and are production boards that are available to all athletes at their local board sports shops.
The collaboration between Bark and Surftech began years ago bringing together innovative designs and state of the art construction technology to create superior Paddleboards and Stand Up Paddleboards. The 2015 Bark Surftech line includes high performance race, downwind, touring, paddleboards and many other new boards which will be presented to the public at the Outdoor Retailer trade show August 6-9 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
View the official press release here:


Santa Cruz, Calif. – April 16, 2014    
Surftech is pleased to announce the addition of Chris Dunn as our newly-appointed CEO. Chris is an accomplished leader with over 21 years experience building businesses. Chris brings a track record of growing businesses, leading change and introducing new products to the Surftech team.
“Chris is the right person to lead Surftech forward. His combination of strengths and experience in product management, business development, finance, operations, and international business is precisely what we set out to find in the next leader of Surftech,” said Kate Harbin, Surftech Chairman of the Board of Directors.
“I’m excited and honored to join the Surftech team as we celebrate our 25 year anniversary this season. I’m looking forward to working with some of the industry’s best as we gear up for the next 25 years of Surftech,” said Chris Dunn, Surftech CEO.
Chris will be working closely with company founder, Randy French, and the sales, marketing, product development and operations teams to shape the future of Surftech. “Chris’ experience in the industry combined with his creativity, passion and respect will serve Surftech quite well. He brings a wealth of experience and talent to our team,” said Randy French, Surftech founder.
Surftech names Bob Rief to Board of Directors
Bob comes to Surftech with an impressive resume in the Action Sports Industry. He began his career as a ski technician and lift operator while struggling through the University of Colorado. Since then, Bob has held positions as marketing director and sales manager at Nordica USA, VP of sales and marketing for Swiss-based Raichle-Molitor, GM of Merrell Footwear, president of Nike Golf, VP/assistant to Ely Callaway of Callaway Golf, CEO of Reef sandals and Sanuk Footwear, and Operating Officer for Boardworks.
Currently Bob is the CEO of Malibu based OTZ Shoes and will continue his work there while holding a seat on the Surftech Board of Directors.
“I have known Bob for many years and greatly admire him and the brands that he has worked with in the past,” said Surftech founder, Randy French. “I believe that his involvement will be very beneficial to our management team, shapers and the entire Surftech community.”