In 1989 Surftech pioneered composite construction in the surf industry, introducing new technologies that revolutionized the surfing and paddling world. Since then we have continued to evolve our technologies by investing in research and development, working closely with our team of elite athletes, engineers and manufacturing partners to build the best surfboard, paddleboards and stand up paddleboards in the market. We take pride in every board we manufacture and are constantly evolving, improving and refining our technologies to better suit the needs of each of our customers.

INJECTION-TECH is a patented precision-engineered torsion control system designed to optimize surfboard performance.
INJECTION-TECH utilities the pressures and forces from the surfer and the wave itself, elastic energy. By strategically engineering the position of the reinforcing material on the bottom of the board, we create less resistance to torsional flex, allowing the board to flow through turns with a more drawn out turning arch.
The continuous length of reinforcing material is injected through the core of the board, from the bottom through to the deck, to increase drive, torque and pop in the tail region, much like the tail fin of a dolphin or tuna, generating speed and power.
Fusion Dual-Core
Fusion E2
NSP Carbon
Softop Custom Performance
Pro Elite

Every Pro Elite board is made using our proprietary fused-cell foam core, which is the lightest, most durable core on the market. Tight bonds are created between the fused cells to create a water-resistant core that can withstand dents and dings. The core is then pressure-molded using high-quality carbon and fiberglass with a PVC reinforced standing area resulting in a light, strong, rigid board.


A water-resistant fused-cell foam is the core of every Coretech board. They are then therma-molded using high-quality fiberglass and epoxy, and include fiberglass rails with a natural wood standing area reinforcement. Features a full deck pad and tie downs for versatility.


Each POWERflex board begins by building a custom, dual density foam blank. At the core is Surftech's time tested Fused-Cell waterproof EPS foam. We add HD "Hour-Glass" rails that are integrated into the Fused-Cell core for added strength and a unique flex pattern unlike a standard EPS surfboard. The deckk is laminated with a layer of 6 oz and a layer of 4 oz "K" cloth while the bottom lamination is a single layer of 4 oz "K" cloth (6 oz "K" cloth on boards over 8'0") combined with our proprietary HD-Epoxy.


Carbon composite construction combined with our Fused-Cell EPS core, TL Pro Carbon (TLPC) utilize a proprietary stringer system that is custom built to each individual board. Strategically positioned carbon reinforcement laminated over a layer of high-desity foam strengthens the board while creating the lively flex pattern that can only be found in our TLPC technology.


HyperDrive Epoxy (HD-E) surfboards start with our time tested waterproof Fused-Cell EPS foam core. The Fused-Cell core is laminated with a layer of 6 oz and a layer of 4 oz "K" cloth on the deck and a single layer of "K" cloth on the bottom (6 oz "K" cloth on boards over 8'0") combined with our proprietary HD-Epoxy, giving them an incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio. All this makes a Surftech HyperDrive Epoxy Surfboard your go to board for all conditions. 




TEKefx boards feature our proprietary fused-cell core, compression molded using high quality bamboo veneer and fiberglass. The TEKefx graphics are laminated in the board creating a vibrant, scratch resistant, long lasting graphic.

Air Travel

Surftech Inflatables use our dual-pressure hand pump to transform from duffle bag sized to a full-sized SUP in just minutes. They are made of high-quality puncture-resistance PVC and Korean Drop stitch to create a strong, rigid SUP that can go anywhere and stores easily.


Blacktips are built with a water-resistant fused-cell core, epoxy resin, fiberglass, and a wood reinforcedstanding area. The full soft foam deck provides bult-in traction creating a comfortable standing area, while the slick bottom ensures good glide. Boards built in this construction are soft, safe, versatile and easy to ride - perfect for newer paddlers looking to progress.


Tuflite construction offers the most advanced quality construction suitable for the spectrum of surfboard models. Using only the highest quality EPS foam, epoxy and fiberglass materials, Tuflite surfboards are composite sandwich boards that boast the ultimate combination of performance and durability. Built off a shapers most renowned shape, each Tuflite represents the highest quality surfboard in its respective range. Working with nearly every major shaper in the world insures that we offer the optimal choice for every surfer in the water today.


Designed with performance and strength in mind, boards built in BCC (Bamboo Carbon Composite) start with an EPS core and wood stringer that is vacuum-sandwiched with layers of high-quality fiberglass and bamboo. The addition of carbon fiber to the deck and rails along with another layer of fiberglass make these boards strong, light and performance-oriented.

ASA (Softops)

Surftech's ASA Softop construction has earned a loyal following with proven performance and value. Softop surfboards feature Surftech's Fused-Cell EPS core that is laminated with multiple layers of high-quality fiberglass and epoxy resin along wih added reinforcement along the rails, nose and tail. Safe and easy to maintain, ASA technology combines unparalleled durability with proven designs topped with a soft and EVA foam deck. 



Boards built in AST construction start with our water-resistant fused-cell core inside pressure heat-molded fiberglass. With wood reinforcement in the standing area, the end result is a board that is light, strong and durable.


Combining the latest low-ecological-impact composite materials with one of nature’s most renewable and resilient structures, natural bamboo, we are able to bring you boards that are as durable as they are beautiful.




When you want a no-nonsense board that won’t break the bank and that is stronger than many other constructions, look no further than the NSP Elements range. EPS Securecell at the core with a durable yet supremely lightweight vacuum molded Epoxy Fibre sandwich shell, the Elements range is exactly what the SUP enthusiast needs to make the most out of every session. With a unique matt finish and polished rails, the striking solid colours of the Elements range will ignite your SUPing passion!. 


The evolution continues from the technology that started it all. Our E2 range offers the ultimate in durability – and diversity! From new school cool to old school rules, we have it covered under the E2 series with a wide range of shapes and graphic designs to take your performance to the next level and beyond. A vacuum molded Epoxy Foam and Fibreglass sandwich wrapped in a ballistic skin ensures that this board can stand up to almost anything. Look to the busiest hire centres around the world, everywhere! If they can handle this abuse year on year imagine how long it will last in normal situations. This year we step it up a notch with our polished satin finish and evolution never looked so good – are you ready to come along for the ride?


When nature and science collide, the result is dramatic and the same goes for the Cocomat series by NSP. The natural Coco-Fibre Sandwich shell wraps the Securecell EPS core. It is then vacuum molded with clear epoxy resin and finished with a clear, fluid matt performance skin. Cocomat is both extremely light weight and has an organic strength rarely found in manmade fibres. This is a technology that has been developed and patented by NSP. Every Cocomat board is unique, with a natural look and will perform like no other. Unquestionably the strongest, lightest best value SUP’s on the market.

O2 Inflatable

-Highly Durable, UV resistant materials

-New Graphics

-Lightweight drop stitch technology (race)

-Model specific carge straps and accessories fastners

-6 inch double seamed rails (4.7'' wide for surf model)

-Selectable Dual Mode Bravo Pump

-EVA Deck Pads

-Packed ina self contained carry all backpack

NSP Pro Carbon



  • 100% Carbon deck and bottom
  • 100% Carbon double wrapped rails
  • 100% Carbon Innegra tail reinforcement
  • PVC reinforced standing area and fin box
  • Carbon reinforced fin box
  • Gortex valves
  • Matt race finish
  • Thermoform EVA pads (4mm)
  • Trim guide in paddling zone
  • Inserts for GPS, GoPro, trip computer
  • Light weight race handles

  • Vacuum bonded SLX (super light epoxy)
  • SecureCell EPS CNC hand finished foam
  • Carbon Vectornet flex control rails
  • Bamboo veneer deck for added strength
  • Pro level tri-density EVA deck pad with tail kick
  • Slick matt, hand finished rails and speed hull
  • Ledge carry handle
  • Performance RTM fins included
  • FCS compatible fin boxes