Dustin Fiero

Full time Lifeguard for the City of San Diego in our Northern District
Home Town: 
Point Loma, San Diego
 I live and die by training and surfing. I want to challenge myself in and out of the water. Since I am a full time Lifeguard I need to keep my water skills in top form, this is made easier by keeping paddle boards around the station. I paddle all winter weather its on a 10'6 or a stock board, I pick the board for the day. I also swim in a masters program that keeps me challenged and with a very motivated group of strong swimmers. This winter i've been Stand Up Paddling a bit and have been having a blast surfing and paddling around. Out of the water I stay active by trail running and riding a road bike. All these skills come back to my job, making sure I'm in the best shape possible to save a life when ever I need to in what ever type of surf. I take this extremely serious and take a lot of pride in knowing I'm ready. 

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