Harrison Deisroth

Full-time student and part-time private coach
Home Town: 
Wilmington, North Carolina

My name is Harrison Deisroth and I am 17 years old. I currently live in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina (home of the Carolina Cup), but since I am a part of a military family I’ve been lucky enough to live all over the United States. My family and I have lived in Washington D.C., California (twice), Hawaii, and now North Carolina.

I was introduced to paddling through outrigger canoeing when I was 12 years old. After my first competitive season and after a summer of fun, I was hooked. For 2 more years I competed year-round non-stop in the 6-man canoes, and during that time I was slowly introduced to OC1 paddling. I fell in love! A week after getting an OC1, I competed in my first race in Hawaii, and was stoked out of my mind. Shortly after, we moved to Monterey, California where I honed in on my OC1 skills and became proficient in OC1 paddling. 
We then moved on to North Carolina January of 2016. Two weeks later I entered my first SUP race. It was below 30 degrees F, wind was blowing at least 30 mph, and there were some snow flurries coming down at the start. With only a week of SUP practice under my belt, I took off with everyone, fell in 3 times, but had an absolute blast. This is when I knew I enjoyed SUP, wanted to get better, and wanted to continue competing in this new-to-me sport.
If we fast forward to now, I’ve been on SUP for a year and a half an I’m absolutely loving it. Even though outrigger and stand up are very similar, it is a completely new and very fun challenge. Every session is a learning, humbling, and great one. Exploring and training on the East Coast on a paddleboard is also something that I am truly grateful for and have a blast doing! 
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