Jack Ballard

Full-time High School Student and Part-time CapitalSUP Ambassador
Home Town: 
Annapolis, MD

Jack Ballard is a 16-year old, high school student, earning academic honors and now also a rising Junior SUP racer.  Growing up in Maryland, Jack found his happiest times were when he was outside doing something active.  Mountain biking, snowboarding and hiking topped his list of favorite activities, until the Capital SUP crew introduced him to SUP racing.  Ever since that first race in 2015, Jack has fed off the enthusiasm of the Annapolis-based SUP community, training harder and setting loftier goals to capture the joy that being outside brings to him.  

While humbled to be accepted by racers older and stronger, Jack has a work ethic that has earned him respect from fellow racers along with podium time in races along the East Coast.  Each race teaches a new lesson and Jack is an eager student.  This season has Jack moving from a 12’6” SUP to a 14’ SUP.  This means racing against more elite racers, but he’s ready to learn from their strategies and make his own path to a successful season.  
Although he is focused on doing his best, Jack has not lost sight of just how fun it is to be out on the water doing something he loves.  Outsiders are always surprised that people actually race stand up paddle boards, and he loves sharing his enthusiasm for the sport with the uninitiated.  Jack knows he is blessed to have his family and friends support his SUP adventures and he sure as heck is having a good time too!
Race Results:
2nd place overall at the Tom’s River Paddle Race 2017 (6 mi)
3rd place overall, 1st place 12’6” at Paddle Second Chance 2017 (5 mi)
3rd place overall at the Soundsurfer Watermans Challenge 2017 (6 mi)
1st place at the Bay Bridge Paddle 2017 3 mile
4th place overall, 1st Under 18 at the Wrightsville Beach Biathlon 2017 (8 mi)
Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
Varsity Cross Country, team captain
Varsity Track, sub 5-minute miler

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