Joel Perkins

I am the local Vancouver prone ambassador and the Canadian Champion for 2017. I started Prone Paddleboarding
to stay in shape for surfing, which is another passion of mine. I found that I love this sport and I enjoying sharing
that passion with others.
Deep Cove Canoe & Kayak hosts a race series every Tuesday evening - I used to be the only prone paddler at that
race, and there are now between 6-8 at any given event, almost each one is on one of my old boards.
Prone Paddleboarding is huge in California, Hawaii and Australia, and I am super stoked to bring this sport to the
local area and be a part of building a prone community.
I have large goals for the 2018 paddleboard season which include the Molokai 2 Oahu race in Hawaii, ISA World
championships locaZon TBD and the Catalina Classic at Manhattan Beach in California. Both the Molokai and
Catalina races which are 32miles in distance, across open waters, are an epic feat.
These races are recognized as a rite of passage into the paddling world.
• Board the Fjord, Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC, 14km, 18e prone, 6 racers, 1:41:20, 1st place
• Catalina Classic, Manha\an Beach, California, 32miles/52kms distance, 18e prone, 101 racers, 8:13:10, 76th
• Round Bowen Challenge, Vancouver, BC, 32kms, 18e prone distance, 1 racer, 4:56:57, 1st place
• Canada and World Qualifiers at Tofino SUP fesZval, stock, 1 racer, 12km, 1:50:32, 1st place; 4km, 1st place
• Surf Technical Sprint, 1st place
• Indian Arm Challenge, North Vancouver, BC, 32km distance, 18e prone, 2 racers, 4:53:23, 1st place
• Qualified for Worlds in Demark, however conflicted with Catalina and chose Catalina
• May 15 2016 - Tour de Indian Arm - Deep Cove, North Vancouver - 10.5 km distance flat ocean - 18e prone
3 racers 1:18:20 1st place
• Dan Harris Challenge, Bellingham, WA, USA, 9 miles distance flat ocean, 14e, 3 racers, 2nd place
• Tour de Indian Arm, North Vancouver, BC - 10.5 km distance flat ocean 14e prone 3 racers 1:25:58 2nd
• Jay Race, Capitola Beach, California - 12 mile or 19.3 km distance open ocean 14e prone 2:26:53 60th place
• Board the Fjord - Deep Cove, North Vancouver - 14 km distance flat ocean 14e prone - 1:51:28 1st place


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