Matt Anderson

Full-time Adventurer/Traveler
Home Town: 
Grand Rapids, Michigan

My name is Matt Anderson and I am a modern day adventurer that is currently exploring North America! I've already commenced my "35 for 35 Road Trip" this year. I'm traveling to 35 National Parks celebrating my 35 years on this Earth, but this wasn't always my lifestyle. I proudly served my country as a Law Enforcement Officer for over 10 years before sustaining a major injury in the line of duty.  I tried to power through the injuries so that I could continue working because I truly loved what I was doing; however,  the doctors advised me that the risk for a more serious injury was too great to continue. After medically retiring from Law Enforcement I decided to sell my house, buy an Airstream, and hit the open road!  

I am determined to make the most out of this amazing life and stay as active as I can. I travel to push myself and to find the next adventure. After speaking with my doctors, they agreed that paddling would actually help my injuries which further strengthened my passion for the sport! Paddling on both Prone and Stand Up boards is an amazing way to keep my body moving. With the nature of my injuries, the docs say I need to stay active, flexible, and healthy or things will just get worse. Well, I am taking their advice to heart and staying active both physically and mentally. Through this sport I have also found the importance of staying positive. It motivates me daily.  
I love paddling because it allows me to push out of my comfort zone, get out of my head, and experience the beauty of this amazing world. Paddling in both salt and fresh water also offers such different perspectives. When paddling prone there's a welcomed challenge due to the lack of leverage that one gets from the upright positions. It forces me to adapt to the changes presented by the ocean, much like life! On the traditional boards there's a different intensity. The stand up position forces me to be present and mindful and work technique while I get to take in the incredible views. 
I am thankful for every day I have, and I am so excited to see as much of this beautiful world as I can!  I know how short and fragile this life is and I'm determined to make the absolute most of it. Tomorrow is almost yesterday and I'm all about exploring as much as possible while making new friends along the way. Let's get outside and explore together!

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