Maxim Poulin

Home Town: 
Québec City, Canada

Being on water has always been a huge part of my life. The complex technique of paddling has taken a huge place in my career as an athlete. The process of moving a canoe, one stroke at a time, has a very specific mechanism, which I’ve been working on since I was 8 years old. All in the pursue of my biggest dream, the Olympics. I participated in many competitions, from Regionals to World Cup tours. As I was standing on the podium in many events, my commitment and discipline inspired many younger athletes, and to them I wanted to pass along my passion for paddling. 

In 2015, after the best season of my career, during which I managed to stand on the podium for two World Cups, the news came out that my distance, 200 meters’ sprint, would take place for the last time during the 2016 Olympic games. This came as a surprise to me, as I had never imagined having to deal with that kind of restrain. My canoeing career, which relied on that distance, was pretty much being cut short. From that moment on, I worked harder than ever, to make sure that I would qualify for my last chance, the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. Throughout my qualification in Atlanta, I finished in third place, a standing that was not enough to earn me a shot at my dream.
At that point, I was drained. I needed to take time for myself, to reconsider my options. What was my future in this sport? I then decided to try something new, somewhat different. So, I spent the last summer paddle boarding. It started off as a new hobby, but it soon grew into a new passion. It gave my life a whole new direction, and showed me many new opportunities. It allowed me to put to good use my skills as a paddler, but with a very different mentality, and in a less restricted mind set.
Sup competitions are still growing here in Quebec City, and I wish to be an ambassador for your company to make sure that the sport develops to its full potential. I would love for everyone to know and learn about the beauty of this sport. There are a lot of possibilities due to many lakes and rivers in the region. For example, there is an incredible downwind that takes place on the Saint-Laurent river. With the help of Radical Sport shop, I am on a mission to become a pioneer of the sport in the region of Quebec. We want to put into places some training groups, and advertise the sport to as many people as possible. We also want to take advantage of the touristic aspect of our City. We are exploring the possibility of establishing a guided tour, viewed from the angle of the Saint-Laurent river, showing off our worldwide known Frontenac castle. As you might have noticed, my commitment to the sport is real, and has already concretely started. I want not only to reach people, but to transmit them my passion. I am willing, and excited, to work hard, and to take the sport to a whole new, legendary level.

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