Naomi Gutnik

hospitality industry
Home Town: 
Boca Raton FL
For as long as I can remember, I was around the ocean, starting in my home town tel-aviv Israel. We’re I was born and raised. The time that I did in the Israeli military made me very adventurist and passionate for traveling. My explorer lifestyle continued when I moved to the USA. Shortly after I moved, I became involved in the local surf community. With organizations and beach clean ups all around, to keep our ocean and beaches clean, a passion of mine. 
I started stand up paddleboard racing 10 years ago. Which was the beginning of SUP racing. And this is where and when I fell in love in this amazing sport. Over the years I’ve met wonderful people and made lot of new friends through the paddle boarding community. 
My passion is to live healthy life style and be an inspiration to women’s in there 40's. Leading by example that they can still be active and involved in sports. As an active life has no age limits.

The words that I love to use and live by. Live life to the fullest, like there his not 
I really like to help women’s and kids. To introduce them to paddle boarding. And make them feel good about themselves. As stand up paddling is a good healthy, healing, fun sport. 
And I am very grateful to Joe Bark and Surftech for making high quality beautiful boards.

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