Tracy Guenard

Home Town: 
Gatineau, QC. Canada

Tracy Guenard was a traditional 9 to 5 worker. She has years of experience working in the fields of criminology and youth intervention as well as business organizational analysis. People’s life choices and behaviours have always intrigued her.

After her aunts passing from suicide, Tracy became a seaker of happiness and discovered that time on water was one of the best ways to find happiness.
Tracy is also working on a project called Searching for Sero. Her intrest in the project comes from the desire to dig in and understand the human-being in the choices they make. She hopes to grasp these people’s relationship to happiness and how they can play an active role in their mental wellness. What is worth living for? Life! Life is worth living for and Tracy wants to  find the inspiring stories of these people and their passions and share them with you so you also feel that amazement still exists.

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