When nature and science collide, the result is dramatic and the same goes for the Cocomat series by NSP. The natural Coco-Fibre Sandwich shell wraps the Securecell EPS core. It is then vacuum molded with clear epoxy resin and finished with a clear, fluid matt performance skin. Cocomat is both extremely light weight and has an organic strength rarely found in manmade fibres. This is a technology that has been developed and patented by NSP. Every Cocomat board is unique, with a natural look and will perform like no other. Unquestionably the strongest, lightest best value SUP’s on the market.

Cutaway Image: 
7'2" 7'6"
8'3" 8'7" 8'10"
12'6" 14'0"
8'4" 9'0"
9'8" 10'2" 11'6" 11'0"
8'10" 9'2" 10'0" 10'6" 10'11"
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